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My School Hub can bring local school communities together in just a few clicks. Through the app, parents can organise babysitters, carpooling and a variety of odd jobs and easily connect with other parents in their community. Students can accept job requests including babysitting, tutoring or household jobs, while schools benefit from a stronger local school community network. It’s also a great way to help schools fundraise or send school-wide messages to parents who have registered through the app.


Parents and Families

Making your life easier

  • Jobs around the house

  • Babysitting

  • Tutoring

  • Messaging other parents

  • Carpooling

  • Food delivery



Your student job centre

  • Holiday Jobs

  • Babysitting

  • Tutoring

  • Coaching


Foster a stronger school community

  • Send notifications to parents

  • Fundraising (50c per booking if the school markets the app to parents)

  • Builds links betweens schools (secondary school students can provide services to local primary schools)


How My School Hub app works

Let's walk-through how easy it is to book a babysitter...

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Download to your phone or tablet and start connecting to others in your school community!


FAQ - Parents

+ Do I have to pay to use My School Hub?

When you use My School Hub, you only pay for the bookings you make. For babysitting, tutoring and general help jobs there is a 7.5% booking fee.

+ What schools can I request babysitters and tutors from

The My School Hub app will connect you to secondary students within a limited, local geographic area.

+ How do I get to choose a babysitter or tutor?

Your job request will be sent to several available students through the My School Hub app. You can then review their profile (which outlines experience) and choose your preferred student. My School Hub also indicates the number of jobs each student has performed and their rating (in smiles).

+ How do I book a student I already know?

You have the option of saving ‘favourite’ students in your settings. These students will receive your job offers first. If you already have a student in mind or a friend has recommended someone, you can type their name into the search box to find their profile.

+ What if I need to cancel my booking?

You can cancel a job anytime, up until the job begins. You can access your booking in your ‘Manage Bookings’ section. You can also view upcoming jobs and jobs already completed (in case you forget who that great maths tutor was last month!).

+ What if I need to change my booking?

In your ‘Manage Bookings’ section, you can send a message to the student you’ve booked. Use this to adjust start time, location, or send further information about the job.

+ Are students and parents reviewed?

Yes. We believe in two way accountability, so both the student and the parent will have the opportunity to give the other party a ‘smile’, no 'smile', or report a specific concern. If a concern is made, this will be resolved privately.

+ How do I pay for a booking?

Once a job has been completed and you stop the timer, My School Hub will work out the total payment owed to a student by multiplying the hours worked by their individual hourly rate. There is an option to adjust payment to account for petrol, overtime, bonuses, or other expenses. Once you confirm payment, your credit card will be charged automatically.

FAQ - Students

+ Do I have to sign up for every type of job?

You can select which jobs you want to receive requests for. For example, if you only want to tutor year 5 reading, you will only receive these job requests. If you receive a job request and you are not available then simply mark yourself as ‘unavailable’ when the request comes through.

+ If I type in my phone number and address, will everybody be able to see where I live?

No, this information is only entered so that you only receive requests from parents who are geographically close. No one will see your address. Parents will be able to call you through the app, but only during a booking.

+ When do I get paid?

Hub App Ltd will process the payment from parents and pay you your accumulated wages on the 14th and 28th of each month.

+ Do I have to pay tax?

Hub App Ltd treats all students as contractors. As such, you are responsible for paying your own tax.

FAQ - Schools

+ Does it cost the school anything to support My School Hub?

There is no cost for schools to use My School Hub. If a school chooses to promote My School Hub to parents and school community members, My School Hub will donate 50c back to the school for every completed babysitting or tutoring job.

+ How do we police who is included in the My School Hub school community?

My School Hub shows profile pictures of members (both students and adults) within the app and provides users the ability to vouch for (and report) other users.

+ How old do students have to be to offer babysitting, tutoring or general help services on My School Hub?

Only students in years 11, 12 and 13 can perform babysitting, tutoring and general help services.

+ Can schools use My School Hub to communicate with parents?

Yes. The app includes a tool for schools to send parents and students (by year group) using the app tailored notifications.

+ Is My School Hub cyber secure?

Yes. The app has been audited by an independent cyber security firm.

+ Will My School Hub use my school’s branding or insignias?

My School Hub uses its own branding and does not use any individual school imagery or brand design. We also clearly state that My School Hub is an independent, third-party provided app.

About Us


My School Hub was established in 2015 by David Gibson and Felicity Ellis, initially to solve a common problem in our neighbourhood — connecting families with babysitters from local schools in the area. We quickly learned that parents and students alike were keen to have a broad range of services and content available to them digitally, including tutoring, food delivery and inter-community messaging.

In 2017, the app was successfully launched and trialled at Diocesan School in Auckland, with almost 700 parents and students using the app. In 2018, My School Hub will be launched nationwide in New Zealand and approximately 2,500 digital school communities will be able to benefit from the services and tools provided by the app.

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